Presenter & Journalist


That was a very, very good interview. The best interviewer since Richard Dimbleby!

Stephen Frears
Director, Dangerous Liaisons & The Queen

Having been interviewed by Jan on a number of occasions I have always found her informed, thoughtful and deft. Time passes, you have fun and you discover a few things. Couldn’t wish for more.

Tony Grisoni
Writer-Director, Southcliffe & Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

When she hosted my session at the London Screenwriters Festival, Jan immediately put me at ease with her warmth and professionalism. She’s insightful and attentive, and reacts to what the interviewees are saying – to produce a well-structured and interesting session.

Roland Moore
Writer-Series Creator, Land Girls

Working on ITV’s web-based entertainment show with Jan was great. She is able to source the best interviews and films to review at very short notice. Whether her interview is with an edgy art-house film director or a comedian, she does it with flair and ease in front of the camera. Professionally she is fab, but most of all she is extremely fun to work with!

– Venla Hellstedt
Producer-Director, ITV Anglia

I have booked Jan on the Arise News hour many times and always find her to be an incredibly knowledgeable media commentator able to dissect, illuminate and discuss film and television in a way that is really erudite and entertaining for the audience. Highly recommended!

– Jayson Mansaray
Producer-Reporter, Arise News

With her natural and succinct storytelling ability, Jan can bring any film festival to life. You’ll be hooked by her interviews and she’ll leave you feeling in touch with the stars, the script and the whole feel of the movie she’s talking about. She critiques recent releases in a warm, witty and engaging style, and really knows her movies. I finish listening to Jan and I’m intrigued; I find myself wanting to go to the cinema there and then in case I miss the excitement of what I’ve just heard!

– Antonia Brickell
Presenter, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Jan’s presentation of the Richard Attenborough Film Awards was fun, enthusiastic and authoritative, which felt absolutely right for the occasion. We’re delighted she could do it!

– Mark Batey
Chief Executive, Film Distributors’ Association

I met Jan when she hosted a Creative Front event in Cambridge. She was an excellent, knowledgeable host able to facilitate a complex discussion and debate between both the panel and then the audience. I can’t recommend her enough.

– Gavin Humphries
Producer, Quark Films

Jan’s interview skills were a real asset to our Audience with Steven Berkoff event, providing incisive questions combined with an eloquent and relaxed manner which set the guest and the audience at ease. I can’t recommend Jan highly enough!

– Adam Clarke
Creative Director, Cheltenham Film Festival

Jan is an experienced, confident and organised interviewer for live events. She is constantly well prepared having diligently researched the individuals concerned. She can turn the interview into an audience Q&A with ease and spin it back again with her own targeted questions. Jan’s preparation and relaxed style ensures an amusing and informative interview.

– Jim Hill
Organiser, Writing Comedy Event

Jan is top of our list to chair Q&A events, and has interviewed both established filmmakers including Kenneth Branagh and Stephen Poliakoff as well as up-and-coming talent for us. She’s a pleasure to work with, thoroughly researching her subjects and handling interviewees and audiences with ease.

– Tony Jones
Director, Cambridge Film Festival

Jan’s two-hour interview with Stephen Frears at the Cambridge Film Festival was both engaging and insightful. It had just the right amount of tactful probing and reassuring banter. A very delicate balance – and a highly professional job well done.

– David Clouter
The Cambridge Film and Media Academy

I always look forward to our recording sessions as Jan is one of the friendliest and most easy-going presenters I have worked with. She has a real talent for radio. Her fluent and warm delivery makes for engaging listening and when it comes to script editing, she intuitively knows what works best.

– Nina Norek
Cameo Productions

Jan is a brilliant interviewer. We filmed six interviews with different distributors in a single day. She is incredibly quick thinking, super well organized, and very smart – she really knows her stuff.

– Judy Forshaw
Producer, Opening The Gate

Jan is a pleasure to work with. She is relaxed, professional and has a real ear for finding the right words for the job. Her delivery for the DVD voice-over was pitch perfect: her voice was subtle, modulated and varied and she successfully enlivened a complex subject, presenting the factual content with real warmth, interest and energy. She’ll certainly be on my list for future bookings.

– Sarah Gibson-Yates

Jan’s podcast was one of the best we’ve done. The considerable broadcast experience she brings to the table helped to make the film podcast work really well, both as a fluent – and efficient – studio recording, and importantly also as a relaxed yet lively and informed programme for listeners.

– Mark Batey
Chief Executive, Film Distributors’ Association

Jan worked with the Creative Front Cambridgeshire network for our launch event and fronted the interviews and promo film we produced. She is always a pleasure to work with, making people feel comfortable and being able to get the best from her interview subjects whilst being a true professional and understanding what both the client and the videographer need from the piece. I would highly recommend her.

I have also seen much of the work she has done over the years for the Cambridge Film Festival heading Q&A sessions with directors, producers and talent alike. She brings the same professionalism and knowledge which creates truly special interviews and has allowed audiences to get some great insights into the working knowledge (and gossip) behind a variety of productions.

It was great to have you introduce and moderate for my film screening. You really did your homework – I was impressed with how well you knew my film! Your questions were sensitive and evocative and I felt the audience was engaged and responsive.

– Yehudit Silverman
Filmmaker, Curzon Soho Q&A

Jan’s writing is excellent – it needs very little editing (a bonus for any editor), and is informative and entertaining.

– Olivia Abbott
Editor, Agenda magazine
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